Fabulous Finds at GAA

With a penchant for selling some terrific classic cars, once in a while, GAA Classic Car Auctions will put together a fun memorabilia sale.  This past March, GAA hosted a multi-day sale that included some terrific items – while some sold for high-ish prices, many sold in the more affordable range.

  • Take a look at Lot #MF0023 OK Used Cars Authorized Dealer Neon, (cover image for this article) an “OK Used Cars” neon, which sold for $4,000.
  • Another exciting sign was Lot MF0199, a “Rebel Gas” porcelain Rebel Gas Sign, exceedingly rare sign, which, even with some light damage, took $7,000.
  • A “Dixie” sign Dixie Sign Lot MF0206, took a stunning $17,000, but again, find another one.\

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