According to Forbes, unwavering enthusiasm for collector cars remains a bull market.

High attendance at shows, cruises, rallies, and auctions after previous shutdowns and postponements reveals a strong and solid market. In fact, some Collector Car Guide advertisers reported record sales in 2023 as their clients sought to complete their projects

For 2021, according to SEMA, 50.9 billion was spent in the Specialty Equipment Market, a new record. Despite supply chain issues, growth is forecasted through 2025.

So Do Not Be Left Out!

Collector Car Guide reaches car, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts with disposable income.  These hobbyists desire to improve their dream vehicle to original stock condition or wish to customize its appearance and/or improve its performance.  We spotlight your vetted business as a great source to meet our fans’ wants and needs.

2021-2022 Car Guide

Profile of Our Readers

Baby boomer men ages 50 – 80, who still prefer print to online sources (although most have online access.)

According to Datamasters, collector car owners are well established (with most owning their own homes), are well educated and have an average household income of $140K.

Hobbyists are generally open-minded and seek quality vendors for repair work, body, paint and interior restoration, replacement parts, tools and machinery, purchase and sales of collector vehicles, transportation, other related services and automobilia.

Effective Options to Increase Your Market Share


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