Our Mission

  • To recommend 4 star + rated services to help you purchase, repair, restore, protect, sell and ultimately enjoy your collector vehicle. We screen all businesses before we accept their ads to ensure the job is done right the first time with the correct parts, you are treated with respect and save you valuable time and money!
  • To promote small businesses, the backbone of our local economy, who employ the best most knowledgeable and experienced staff to perform your needed services.
  • To help connect you with other car hobbyists that share your passion about your make and model as well as other makes/models you admire through events and clubs. “We came for the cars… we stayed for the friends,” is a slogan used by many car clubs
  • To promote the continuation of the collector car hobby to the next generation. This helps to preserve, protect and promote appreciation of our investment in the future.
  • To educate the public how collector cars are part of our heritage and freedom on the open road
  • To promote that we responsibly keep our vehicles in the best state of tune and safety to prevent accidents
  • To promote that government works with the collector car community
    • We support SEMA to prevent new legislation that further restricts use of our collector vehicles.
    • We oppose the 15% Ethanol content mandated for gasoline, which will destroy the engines in over 90% of all vehicles currently on the road and voids manufacturer warranties.