The Green Grand Prix

The Green Grand Prix is an educational and competitive event in Watkins Glen, NY including the only Official SCCA road rally that promotes entry of all road- legal vehicle types and fuels in North America. The Road Rally is sponsored by THE DORIS BOVEE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION and TOYOTA. Doris Bovee was an environmental enthusiast and the road rally is a tribute to her.

In the early years of the Green Grand Prix the event kicked off with a car show in front of the Watkins Glen courthouse

Their mission for the last 17 years has been to increase the awareness of energy efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles. The Green Grand Prix’s goal is to work towards making the North East a center for advanced vehicle technologies. This STEM program has brought in over 150 high school and university students from all over, and the focus is on technology, innovation and new collaboration in the field of Alternative Fuel Vehicles. 

EVSR is an all electric version of the SCCA SRF (Spec Racer Ford) and all new class of racing

Robert Gillespie and Jason Kellogg join us from the Green Grand Prix to share the evolution and future of this program, and how you can get involved.

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In our discussion with Bob & Jason, we cover topics like: 

  • Tell us about this history of the Green Grand Prix. It’s been around for 17 years, but many of us are hearing about this for the first time. Where did the idea come from and how did the program get off the ground?
    • Who is Doris Bovee, why is her story important to the Green Grand Prix?
  • How has it evolved over the years?
  • What is the event like? Is it a competition? Is it a race? 
  • How do students enter the event? What are some of the rules/regulations?
    • Are there different roles? Manager, Driver, Crew Chief, Mechanic – does everyone have a specific task, or all share in the work?
    • Is this designed as an introduction to Formula SAE? 
    • What are some of the limits/restrictions that have been put on the vehicles? Are there different classes? Are all cars electric? Or Alt fuels (synthetic gas or hydrogen)
  • The Green Grand Prix is held at Watkins Glen International each year; what happens on the “day of” the grand prix? (explain the types of activities on the schedule). 

and much, much more!

In the early years of the Green Grand Prix, it was an 80-mile Time-Distance-Rally around Lake Seneca. Today, the event is held each year at Watkins Glen International, and uses the entire 3.5 mile “full course” configuration with vehicles on track for 90 minutes to 2 hours, but the guiding principle remains the same “…achieve the Perfect Lap while Maximizing Fuel Efficiency.”

All sorts of alternative fuel vehicles can be entered into the Green Grand Prix, not all of them are strictly production vehicles.

The Green Grand Prix is an annual event that showcases and promotes environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles. The event typically includes demonstrations and competitions that test the fuel efficiency and emissions of vehicles, as well as seminars and exhibits on green transportation and related technologies.

The Green Grand Prix aims to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable transportation and to encourage the development and adoption of clean, efficient vehicles. To learn more be sure to logon to or follow them on social @green-grand-prix-corporation on Facebook. 

This content was originally featured on Gran Touring Motorsports, reposted with permission. 

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This content was originally featured on Gran Touring Motorsports, reposted with permission.