Little Known Yet Important Facts You Need to Know About Collector Car Insurance

You may be aware of some fundamental differences between Collector Car Insurance and traditional auto insurance such as limited usages, mileage and agreed value.  However, there are other important nuances you should question when you compare insurance providers.Huff Insurance a Collector Car Guide Sponsor

Just as in the case of any insurance policy, the goal of the collector policy is to make you whole after an accident. To make you whole again in terms of repairing or replacing your damaged classic, ensure your carrier meets your “agreed value” to sufficiently cover any loss.   You should re-evaluate this value prior to your policy’s renewal. If your current carrier wants to challenge your “agreed value”, provide photos and/or a valid appraisal from a certified appraiser; or otherwise shop for a company that will accept your value.

As far as usage is concerned, did you know that some collector policies offer various custom options such as 1,000 or 3,000 total mile limits per year, may cover you whether you are within sight of your car or not at a show, with or without a trailer and spare parts. Similar to a standard auto policy, you may also be able to vary your amount of liability, and add uninsured motorists property damage, personal injury protection, pet injury, disaster relocation and towing reimbursement.

Collector policy holders should also inquire about various discounts for multiple collector vehicles, violation free drivers, car club memberships, anti-theft home and fire alarms, and when you pay your policy in full.

By working with one company that can protect your other assets, also consider an umbrella policy that can upgrade your liability limits. Further, an agency that represents many carriers, can shop around for you to determine your best coverage at competitive rates. Complements of Huff Insurance, who represents multiple insurance providers in MD, DC, VA, PA and WV. Visit or call 410-647-1111 for a free quote.